UK Carbon Reduction Plan

UK Carbon Reduction Plan

To align with the UK Government’s commitment to carbon reduction, ResMed is proud to announce a commitment to net zero by 2050 in the UK. To comply with the NHS requirements, and align with the UK Government’s PPN 06/21, we have published our carbon reduction plan for 2023. ResMed will continue to brainstorm activities and actions to achieve these targets and this vision.

Carbon Reduction Projects

ResMed is targeting the use of electric vehicles to reduce emissions.

ResMed intends to purchase renewable electricity or install solar panels on the roof whenever possible.

To minimise the environmental impact of all ResMed products, the Product Sustainability team was established in 2021.

To support NHS with the ‘Net Zero’ agenda, ResMed intends to highlight the impact of ResMed’s telemonitoring solutions in reduction of carbon footprint.

ResMed will introduce environmental awareness programmes to encourage employees to adopt eco-friendly practices.