Treatment for snoring

Snoring can disturb the sleep of snorers and those around them. It can also be a warning sign for obstructive sleep apnoea, a disease that causes people to stop breathing during the night. Receiving help for these disorders is essential. But don’t worry, both snoring and sleep apnoea can be treated!

Narval CC delivers results

ResMed’s Narval appliance is a clinically proven, custom-made dental device that simply fits in your mouth while you sleep. It’s thin, light, discreet and metal free. Best of all, it makes loud snoring disappear in 89% of people affected!1

Narval CC not available in England, Wales and Scotland.

A ResMed custom-made appliance

Your Narval appliance is specially made for you using dental impressions and advanced CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and manufacturing) technology.

As a result, it’s a perfect fit for your mouth and comfortable to wear. You can talk, drink and open your mouth naturally when you’re wearing it. As well as helping you (and your partner) get a good night’s sleep, Narval significantly reduces OSA symptoms and improves quality of life. It’s also perfect for travel.

How does Narval work?

Narval is a mandibular repositioning device (MRD) that works by keeping your lower jaw slightly forward while you sleep. This tightens the soft tissue and muscles of the upper airway, preventing them from obstructing your airway during sleep and reducing the vibration that causes the sound of snoring. MRDs look similar to a sports mouth guard and are custom fitted to your mouth by a dentist. 



Without Narval:
pharynx is collapsed and airflow is blocked


With Narval:
pharynx is open and air flows freely

Facts about Narval treatment

Narval CC leads to full disappearance of loud snoring in almost 9 of 10 users1


Easy to adopt

Narval CC may take a few nights to get used to, but it’s easier than you think.  A full 86% of patients wear their Narval CC every night.1



ResMed uses computer-aided design and manufacturing to produce an oral appliance that’s created uniquely for you. ResMed is one of only a few companies to use such a high-tech process for oral appliances.


Also for sleep apnoea

Almost 80% of people who used Narval CC to fight their sleep apnoea (including people with more severe cases of obstructive sleep apnoea) saw their apnoea-hypoponea index (AHI) decrease by more than 50%.1

How do I get a Narval appliance?

Once your physician has helped you choose MRD therapy over PAP, a specialist dentist will be able to confirm if you are indeed a suitable candidate for Narval CC. Ask your sleep physician for a referral, or find a sleep dentist.



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