Home sleep studies

Home screening Service

£199.50 + VAT

If you feel you have the symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA), or are concerned that you may be at risk, our sleep clinic can offer you a simple screening test. We’ll mail you a small device to monitor your breathing overnight or you can pick the device up at the clinic. The data collected is then analysed and reviewed by the team at ResMed’s sleep clinic. You’ll receive an easy to read report, giving your risk factor which you can then discuss with your GP.


Home diagnostic sleep study

£325.50 (+ a minimum £50 courier and handling fee)

Following referral from a doctor, our sleep clinic offer a diagnostic service either remotely by courier or by pay and collect from our London clinic. This test gives your sleep physician a more detailed picture for diagnosis and uses non-intrusive equipment overnight in your own home. A device measures your breathing, chest and abdominal movements, oxygen levels and heart rate during sleep. On completion of the sleep study we will carefully analyse the data and send a report to your referring GP or Sleep Consultant. They will discuss the results with you and offer the necessary options for you to go forward with. If you are found to have OSA, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is often the recommended choice of treatment.

PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE: Please note ResMed does not have any association with any private health care insurance providers. If you have private health insurance, we still require full payment in advance. It is your responsibility to re-claim through your private health insurance provider directly if applicable. We can issue you with a receipt to support your claim. Please note courier fees may not be reimbursable by your insurer.



Auto CPAP treatment

New to treatment set-up appointment

Once your referring Doctor or Sleep Consultant confirms your Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) status and provides a prescribed treatment plan we will support your therapy with an Automatic Positive Airway Pressure Device (APAP).

ResMed prides itself in customer care and we want to help you begin your treatment journey and become a successful compliant Auto -CPAP user.

We offer a 1-hour clinic appointment at our London clinic for a New to treatment set up consultation at a fee of £178.50 (+ cost of products). This consultation includes education on OSA, APAP therapy and ongoing support within the first few weeks of therapy including a one-month review. We will also keep your GP /or Sleep consultant updated with your progress.



We are also able to offer this service remotely.

A new to treatment set up appointment for APAP therapy will include an initial consultation prior to device use, followed by support calls to aid your introduction. The first appointment will be discussing your medical history and diagnosis followed by information on your treatment and mask options.

The second call will take place once you have received your equipment. One of our sleep experts will advise on correct mask fitting and care, providing any adjustments required. The third call follows your second appointment and will help check if any adjustments made are having the desired effect. After the fourth call our sleep expert will write to your referring consultant with a review.

The cost of a new set up appointment is £178.50. This includes the 2 x 30 minute consultations as well as ongoing support within the first few weeks of therapy.

Treatment Reviews

ResMed prides itself in providing quality customer care and we would like to give you the option of making a review appointment. We can review your data from either your ResMed device’s SD card* or with an AirSense10 device AirView data package.

Our review appointments allow us to discuss your treatment to date and review any data downloaded from your ResMed device.

Reviews can be completed remotely or at our London clinic.

To complete a telephone review appointment, please fill in your service request using our online form and post the SD card from your ResMed device to us along with your contact details. Once received we will contact you to arrange a review. Any changes to your treatment is stored on the SD card and once this is inserted back into your ResMed device the necessary adjustments will be updated. Copies of the review reports will be sent to you and your referring Sleep Consultant or GP

*Please note, we can only provide this service to users of a ResMed device.


A telephone review appointment fee is £52.50 for up to 30 minutes. Payment will be taken over the phone at the start of the consultation. We accept all cards other than American Express.

(Please note we can only make changes to your device clinical settings if you have previously been referred to us by a doctor and you are under our care for your CPAP treatment. If you are not under our care we are able to provide a report that outlines the date information from your therapy that your healthcare provider can review and make changes to your care.

If you would like to go ahead with a telephone review appointment, please either send in your SD card as instructed above or contact us on 0800 917 7071 or 01235 862997 (option 4) to book a review with a new or existing data package. Alternatively, you can email us at ukclinic@resmed.co.uk and one of our team will be in touch.


With myAir, you can:

  • Receive tailored coaching and handy tips to make therapy more comfortable for you.
  • Access your therapy data so you can track your progress.
  • Earn badges to acknowledge milestones that will help keep you motivated as you work towards a healthier, happier life.

If you would like to register your AirSense 10 device with myAir please create an online account.


Data Packages

At ResMed we can offer you an ‘AirView Data Package‘.

With a Data + Support package your device will transmit your data to our cloud based system AirView. Using AirView our clinicians can remotely monitor and review your therapy data, adjust your device settings, check that your device is working properly and troubleshoot any issues to ensure you get appropriate treatment in a timely manner.

We offer the following packages:

With a data package we can remotely assist you with your treatment without the need to visit our clinic. Reviews of your treatment include compliance and therapy reports which can be emailed to you and your doctor or Sleep Consultant on request. myAir is a free resource and is not associated with data packages.


Mask fitting service

Mask Fit appointments


Finding the right mask for you is an essential step towards effective and comfortable therapy. Fitting a mask properly depends a great deal on your position. During a mask fitting appointment at our Sleep Clinics, we’ll help you select the most appropriate size and style of mask for you. Our clinics will always carry the latest ResMed mask innovations for you to try on.