myAir app: registering, setting up and logging into your account, plus troubleshooting tips

October 8th 2022

Some people find it difficult to get used to CPAP therapy. That’s why the myAir™ app has been designed to help you get off to a positive start and achieve long-term success. It lets you track and monitor your CPAP therapy, sends you handy tailored tips, and shows you a daily sleep score so you can see how you’re doing on therapy.

In this article, you’ll find a helpful list of advice and troubleshooting tips to get you get set up, logged in and on the road to CPAP therapy success with the myAir app!

Downloading the myAir app

Setting up a new myAir account

Login issues

Downloading the myAir app

To download the free myAir app from ResMed simply search “myAir” in the App Store if you have an Apple device, or on Google Play if you have an Android device or click on the links below:

AppStore logoGoogle Play store logo



You can also scan the QR code below using your smartphone camera:

QR code Download myair app

Setting up a new myAir account

If you already use the myAir programme on your computer, you can use your existing myAir username and password to sign into the myAir app. If you’re a new user, click Create account and fill in the required fields.

If you haven’t received a myAir confirmation email:

  • Check your email spam or junk folder
  • Go back to myAir and register again, checking that your email address is correct

If your machine is already registered in myAir, it means your machine serial number is already linked to a myAir account.

Please check the serial number on the back of your CPAP machine to ensure you entered it correctly. If the problem persists, please contact myAir support for help. To contact myAir support through the myAir app, please go to Profile (at the right of the bottom menu bar), select Settings, and click on myAir support.


myAir is designed for use with AirSense™ 10 CPAP and AirCurve™ 10 bi-level PAP machines. These devices all have an 11-digit serial number and a 3-digit device number on the back of the machine.

myAir is designed to be used with ResMed CPAP and PAP machines that have an 11-digit serial number and 3-digit code on the back of the device. If you would like to upgrade to a device that is compatible with myAir, please contact your healthcare provider.

No, your myAir account is registered to one email address and supports one CPAP machine.

You might see this message if the myAir website, myAir app or associated services are temporarily unavailable. If you see this message, please wait for a few hours and try again.

If you can’t register your CPAP machine, please check that:

  • You are using a CPAP machine that is compatible with myAir. myAir currently works with AirSense™ 10 or AirCurve™ 10 machines with built-in wireless technology, where a supported wireless network is available.
  • You entered the correct serial and device numbers from the back of your machine when you set up your myAir account.

The myAir app is designed to be used on smartphones. It is not compatible with iOS or Android tablets.

No, the myAir app is not compatible with the AirMini device. The AirMini device works with a separate AirMini app, which can be downloaded here.

While the myAir app is primarily designed for smartphones, there is a desktop version available as well. This allows you to conveniently use myAir on your computer and access its features and benefits. Whether you prefer using your smartphone or desktop, you can enjoy the functionality of myAir to benefit from tailored tips, track your therapy and monitor your progress.

Login issues (web or app)

You might see an error message if you entered an incorrect username or password, or if the myAir website, app or associated services are temporarily unavailable.

If you see a message that the website or services are temporarily unavailable, please wait for a few hours and try again.

You might see an error message if you entered your password incorrectly. Make sure that Caps Lock is not on when you enter your password. If you’re still having trouble, you can reset your myAir password: please see the next question.

  • If you’re using the myAir app, go to the sign-in screen and click Forgot your password? On the myAir website, go to the sign-in screen and click Need help signing in? then select Forgot password?
  • Enter your email address and click on Reset via email or Send me the link and myAir will send you an email message.
  • Open the email account that’s linked to your myAir account and look for a new email from myAir. Click the reset link in the email to open the “set password” page on your browser.
  • Enter a new password.
  • Enter the new password again.
  • Click Set password.

To help keep your personal data safe, myAir uses a secure 2-Step Verification (2SV) system. It’s the same approach that’s used for online banking and other secure portals. To access myAir, enter your

login information (step 1), then enter the one-time passcode you’ll receive in your email inbox (step 2).

Note: To switch off the one-time passcode option and log in directly in the future, tick Remember this device.

If your myAir app isn’t working properly, if you have other issues with myAir or if you need more help troubleshooting problems, please contact our support team. They are trained to provide effective support and are ready to help. You can contact them directly at myAir support or through the myAir app (go to Profile at the right of the bottom menu bar, select Settings, and click on myAir support).


myAir is a convenient way to access tailored support, accurate sleep data and ongoing encouragement with your CPAP therapy. If you don’t want to use myAir or you would like to understand your CPAP therapy and equipment in other ways, check out our sleep blog for relevant articles and information. For example, you might appreciate our posts on mask leak, enhancing your comfort with a CPAP mask that suits your needs, or connecting a humidifier to your CPAP machine.

To learn more about how myAir could help you succeed with sleep therapy, click here.



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