Use of Ozone devices with ResMed products

ResMed announced an update to its limited warranty that may affect whether you choose to use an ozone device with your ResMed machine and mask. Please review the detail of this update below.

ResMed user guides advise patients on the recommended way to periodically clean ResMed machines, components and masks. Some patients choose to use other means to clean and/or disinfect their equipment. With the increased use of ozone devices, ResMed has observed that prolonged and repeated use of an ozone device may eventually cause internal damage to a ResMed machine.

Warranty update: Effective for sales of ResMed products on or after February 1, 2020, ResMed’s limited warranty will exclude damage to ResMed products caused by the use of ozone devices.

ResMed is not taking a position on whether you should use an ozone device. That decision is up to you, as the patient, to balance the convenience of using an ozone device versus the likelihood of potential damage to your ResMed equipment. ResMed is reinforcing the cleaning instructions in its user guides, please refer to your user guide for these instructions. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the manufacturer of the ozone device you are currently using or, for medical advice, contact your physician.