How and when should I clean my CPAP mask?

A clean CPAP mask will last longer and should provide a better seal. It will also give you a fresher, more comfortable therapy experience. The user guide for your mask provides full instructions on cleaning, but we’ve also provided answers to some frequently asked questions below. We hope you find them useful!

How often should I clean my mask and headgear?

You should hand wash your mask and headgear by gently rubbing in warm water (approximately 30°C/86°F) with mild washing-up detergent. All components should be rinsed well with drinking-quality water and allowed to air dry out of direct sunlight. Please refer to your mask user guide, or the section below, for more detailed instructions.

Tips: how should I clean my mask?

Your mask user guide contains detailed instructions on cleaning your model of mask. The following cleaning instructions apply to most masks:

Every day or after each use

Every week

Please note that the headgear can be washed without being disassembled and that the dye used in the headgear may run during the first wash. If any component remains unclean after cleaning, or if you notice visible deterioration of a system component (cracking, discolouration, tears, etc.), you should replace that component.

You can also use CPAP mask cleansing wipes, which are particularly convenient when you are on the go. These 100% cotton wipes are a fast, easy and convenient way to clean your mask.

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Can I buy replacement component parts?

Yes. All ResMed mask components, including cushions and new mask systems, can be purchased separately. You can buy complete masks or mask spare parts on our webshop or through dealers.


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