Trust Centre

Data matters. It enables us to solve problems, work effectively, build confidence, support independence and deliver better care.

Data is also a requirement for operating legally and effectively in the modern healthcare environment. The Medical Device Regulation (MDR) reinforces existing obligations that require ResMed to collect, record and analyse medical device data to ensure we can manage risks and improve device performance, safety and usability. Another EU regulation, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), governs the way we gather, store and manage that data to ensure it remains secure and private.

Our ethical values and professional integrity compel us to maintain high standards of regulatory compliance, data security and patient privacy. If we have to collect data, we’re going to make sure it’s secure and protected because we take our responsibilities to our patients, clinical partners and other stakeholders seriously. Data matters, and trust matters too.

Trust ResMed to keep your data safe

Healthcare is an increasingly data-driven environment. New technologies, including real-world data collection, advanced data analytics and machine learning, provide a foundation for improvements in safety, quality and product performance that cannot be achieved by any other means. But personal data, especially health data, is sensitive information so we want to be transparent about how it’s collected, stored, used and protected.

When you work with ResMed, you’re working with a partner who:

Has strong values. We’re committed to compliance, security, quality, performance, transparency and accountability and maintain the highest standards of ethics and professional integrity.

Takes our responsibilities seriously. We implement stringent security and privacy protocols to safely and securely handle data from millions of devices and users.

Respects rigorous standards. We comply with relevant regulations and independent, best-in-class certification standards.

Invests in quality. We proactively monitor the real-life performance of our devices and solutions to ensure they deliver the quality, safety and usability that you and your patients expect.

Drives innovation. We’re building strong, secure, digitally connected eco-systems that will move patient care forward, faster.

Puts people first. We understand that, even in a data-driven environment, the real driving force is the people, patients and personal relationships that inspire us every day.